Our research centres, institutes and hubs bring together expertise and resources from across the 91日韩AV to tackle pressing global issues.

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Agile Centre For Equitable Sustainability

We're exploring scalable actions and sustainable solutions to build an equitable and sustainable society.

Skyscraper with plants growing up the facade, Sydney
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Find out more about our expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

api cluster
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Autism Centre for Research on Employment

ACRE addresses the gap in provision for autistic adults in terms of employment and to facilitate job retention by developing tools to support employers. 

B Roll shoot
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Centre for Applied Geosciences

At the Centre for Applied Geosciences, we're investigating natural and manmade hazards and geo-heritage conservation.

Mountain view
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Centre for Blue Governance

We're committed to the protection, restoration and sustainable governance of our aquatic environments

blue governance
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Centre for Comparative and Evolutionary Psychology

In the Centre for Comparative and Evolutionary Psychology, we're exploring evolutionary processes and comparing humans with other animals, to study the origins of behaviour.

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Centre for Creative and Immersive Extended Reality (CCIXR)

Create stunning works for film, TV, music, gaming and immersive reality in the UK's first integrated facility of its kind.

AED - Feb 23
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Centre for Cybercrime and Economic Crime

The Centre for Cybercrime and Economic Crime brings together expertise in cybercrime and economic crime to enhance research, teaching and innovation.

A collage of computer themed images over binary numbers
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Centre for European and International Studies Research

We're researching topics such as citizenship, race, language across borders, social theory and transnational politics.

European union flags
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Centre for Enzyme Innovation

At the Centre for Enzyme Innovation, we are working to solve one of the most pressing environmental issues facing our planet.


Plastics bottles - Centre for Enzyme Innovation
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Centre for Healthcare Modelling and Informatics (CHMI)

We're working to develop technology that makes work more efficient for the organisations that form the National Health Service (NHS).

vitality health check
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Centre for interaction, development and diversity

In the Centre for Interaction, Development and Diversity, we study psychological phenomena in relation to the contexts and situations in which they emerge.

Children enjoying the pool with family at Ravelin Sport Centre.
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Centre for Innovative and Sustainable Finance

The Centre for Innovative and Sustainable Finance (CISF) is undertaking research that helps governments, organisations, individuals, and society adapt to the evolving national and international financial landscape. Find out more here.

City of London skyline, banking district
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Centre for Operational Research and Logistics

We're using our expertise in analytics, system design, simulation, programming, and forecasting to help organisations around the world make better decisions.

shipping cargo
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Centre for Port Cities and Maritime Cultures

The interdisciplinary Centre for Port Cities and Maritime Cultures focuses on the past, present and future importance of urban-maritime cultures and communities within a global context.

Centre of Port Cities and Maritime Cultures Photos
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Centre for Studies in Literature

We're researching the history and culture of the English speaking world through literature.

bookshelf full of old books
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Dog Cognition Centre

In the Dog Cognition Centre, we're exploring the behaviour and cognitive processes of man's best friend 鈥 and studying everything from human-dog communication, to facial expressions in dogs.

Smiling labrador dog
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Global Plastics Policy Centre

The Global Plastics Policy Centre is helping to find sustainable solutions to tackle plastic pollution around the world.

Large pile of plastic waste
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Heritage Hub

The Heritage Hub brings together researchers and professionals from across the university to tackle key issues in heritage and heritage conservation locally, nationally and internationally.

Royal Garrison Church in Old Portsmouth
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Institute of Life Sciences and Healthcare

We're exploring disciplinary boundaries to discover, understand and develop knowledge for the benefit of the environment and humankind.

Close up of a gloved hand and some petri dishes
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Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation

Researchers at our Institute of Cosmology & Gravitation explore the evolution of our Universe and aim to inspire the next generation of scientists. 

galaxy space
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Institute of Marine Sciences

Explore the marine ecosystems of the Solent European Marine Site at our shoreside marine station, complete with floating research platform, 拢2 million aquarium and laboratory suite, and 2 research vessels, RV Calypso and RV Noctiluca

IMS Pontoon; 18th June 2019
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International Centre for Research in Forensic Psychology

The ICRFP has an established international reputation for conducting a broad range of criminological and forensic psychology research.

91日韩AV student playing around with thermal imaging on a computer
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Quantum Science and Technology Hub

In our Quantum Science and Technology Hub (QSTH), we're studying quantum science and developing novel quantum technologies.

Particle quantum entanglement, quantum correlation
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Revolution Plastics Institute

From combatting microplastics to analysing plastic policies around the globe, we鈥檙e putting our research into practice, working with local groups, organisations, businesses and individuals to solve the planet's plastic problem.

Photo by James Wakibia
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