It is our pleasure to welcome all families who will be joining our boarding community.

St Patrick’s College is a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition. As such, we are committed to catering for the needs of the whole person, to social justice, to the teachings of Jesus as found in the Gospels, to education as a means of liberation and being inclusive. Indeed, our diversity is something in which we are most proud and something that we celebrate.

The St Patrick’s College boarding experience is underpinned by the importance of community. The opportunities to come together as a whole community are truly special occasions and highlight the collective nature of support we provide your sons to ensure their experience is unique and enjoyable for all.

There will be challenges on that journey but the staff are committed to providing the highest levels of support and in a way that mirrors a traditional family setting. We are determined to offer a safe, comfortable, supported environment that ultimately achieves happiness for your sons.

Our goal for those boys who graduate from St Patrick’s College as boarders is to join the wider community with a holistic success that has focused on everything he does – academic, spiritual, sporting, cultural and social justice pursuits.

That he can conduct himself in society in an appropriate manner and value traditional family dynamics.

Many of our staff have enjoyed many years as a boarder and they often reflect upon that time as some of the happiest years of their life. We look forward to working in partnership with parents and guardians to provide that same experience for your sons.

We hope you enjoy St Patrick’s College boarding as much as we do.